OrangeDuzt Curcumin

Turmeric extract is globally recognized as having potent therapeutic properties. It is an excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial agent and also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative qualities as well. Turmeric has been seen as a “vital ingredient” in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. 

The remedial properties of turmeric are attributed to its curcumin content. Studies indicate that Curcumin, a potent polyphenol, can help with gastrointestinal problems. Here are five ways turmeric curcumin supplements have been shown to help stomach problems. 

1. Relieves indigestion

Curcumin ingestion causes the gallbladder to produce more bile which improves the digestion process. Turmeric supplements help treat common digestion problems by promoting the growth of good gut bacteria in the gut

2. Boosts digestive hormones

Scientists have found that regular consumption of curcumin can keep the gut healthy. It can help boost the secretion of digestive hormones (gastrin and secretin) as well as other pancreatic enzymes, which in turn can improve digestion. 

3. Treats IBS and Crohn’s Disease

Turmeric is often considered a natural remedy for relieving symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It helps improve bowel movement and promotes proper functioning of the intestines by relieving inflammation. It is also beneficial for people suffering from Crohn’s disease and dyspepsia. Studies have also found that curcumin can help treat ulcerative colitis. 

4. Heals stomach ulcers

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties of curcumin also help treat stomach ulcers. The antioxidants help neutralize the ulcer-aggravating free radicals and promote the healing of the lesion. The anti-inflammatory qualities of curcumin help prevent microbial infection in the stomach, thus reducing the risk of multiple stomach disorders. Curcumin helps alleviate stomach pain and spasms too. 

5. Reduces bloating and treats diarrhea

Turmeric also has detoxifying qualities. Consuming curcumin capsules can help reduce bloating and relieve flatulence. As a result, it provides you relief from the continuous discomfort that happens due to too much gas in the stomach. The antimicrobial properties of organic turmeric capsules have also been shown to help treat diarrhea. 

Final Thoughts

Turmeric, the “Golden Spice”, is often celebrated as a versatile herbal therapeutic substance. Including turmeric supplements in your diet can help promote the proper functioning of your digestive system. It has been shown to help treat minor stomach disorders, accelerate the healing of ulcers, and even treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Turmeric curcumin supplements are widely available and usually safe for consumption. We recommend the liposomal turmeric curcumin capsules by Moon+Mercury as they are 100% natural/vegan and have been specifically designed to deliver a therapeutically-effective dose of Turmeric extract you need to promote a healthy gut. However, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, planning any medical procedure, or have any medical condition, we recommend consulting your doctor before including turmeric supplements in your diet.