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deeper than

The healing power of plants is nothing new. Civilizations have been using them to treat all kinds of conditions for centuries. What’s novel are the ways we can make plants more effective at healing.

Let’s take a look at curcumin. This bioactive ingredient derived from turmeric root has long been the subject of studies aimed at understanding its potential benefits. Curcumin has been proven to be effective at everything from treating inflammation to helping fight age-related chronic diseases. But the one hurdle science has historically had trouble overcoming is absorption. Getting curcumin to the right places in the body at the right time has been tough.

That’s where Moon + Mercury comes in. We’ve patented a way of processing curcumin so that it’s absorbed into the bloodstream much faster. Simply put, we attach the curcumin to whey protein, which acts as the delivery system. It’s kind of like a healthy Trojan Horse. And that horse usually delivers the medicine in 20 minutes or less without additives like Bioperine® which are used to increase bioavailability.

It’s just one way we’re creating plant-based medicine that produces results you can actually feel. And it’s a feeling created by nature, and nurtured by us.