U.S. patented Curcumin Supplement May Be An Effective COVID Therapy

A brand-new process that binds curcumin to whey protein may pave the way for this plant-derived compound to be used against the “cytokine storms” that prove deadly to COVID-19 patients.

  • Scientific research on curcumin supports its usefulness as a modulator of inflammatory and immune response.
  • Curcumin (from turmeric) can be found in many over-the-counter nutritional supplements, but its effectiveness has been limited because it is not well-absorbed in the body.
  • The new process results in a massive increase in the bioavailability of curcumin, giving it the potential to be used as a clinical therapy for the first time.

June 1, 2020

New York – A brand-new curcumin formula developed by a U.S. company may prove to be an effective therapy against the deadly inflammation caused by COVID-19.  The Indian government is currently funding research to study its effects on COVID-infected cells.

“To be clear, this new compound will not prevent someone from acquiring or transmitting the virus to others; the research is aimed at determining its ability to support the body’s immune response after infection,” said Justin Tokarz, chief executive officer of Moon + Mercury, the nutritional supplement company that distributes the new patented curcumin formula (branded as OrangeDuzt™).  

Curcumin is the primary bioactive substance in turmeric, an edible root in the ginger family.  Curcumin has been widely researched and has been shown to be effective at modulating IL-6 and other cytokines (small proteins that are the messengers of the immune system).  Specifically, curcumin may help prevent hyperinflammatory responses, or cytokine storms, in which the body’s immune and inflammatory response to infection becomes dangerously overactive.  Cytokine storms may be responsible for some COVID-19 deaths.

The longstanding problem with curcumin as an anti-inflammatory therapy has been its poor absorption by the human body.  Curcumin supplements are often processed by the liver and passed out of the body before any therapeutic effect can be measured.  The addition of black pepper to some supplements can slow down liver function to allow more curcumin to be absorbed, but slowing down liver function is not advisable for those who are ill (nor is it particularly beneficial for those who aren’t).

OrangeDuzt™ curcumin-whey complex represents an entirely different approach to curcumin absorption — by binding the molecules together, the whey protein serves as a transport scaffold, carrying the curcumin directly into cells.  Research has shown that OrangeDuzt™ easily absorbs through the intestinal wall and also transports through the blood brain barrier.   

In a survey of non-COVID patients using the enhanced-curcumin found in OrangeDuzt™, 70% of patients reported significant anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits within a week, and 50% of those reported significant benefits within 24 hours.  

OrangeDuzt™’s dramatically increased efficacy has attracted international attention from researchers looking for potential treatments for the often-fatal lung inflammation caused by COVID-19. 

 “This might be a powerful turning point for anyone that’s ever questioned the medicinal power of plants,” Tokarz said.  “If a plant could potentially save lives during a pandemic outbreak of a novel virus, we have to ask ourselves what else plants may have to offer to help us survive modern life.”

 A drug-discovery team at the Department of Biotechnology’s Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing (DBT-CIAB) at Mohali (one of only two biosafety level-3 labs in India) will examine the usefulness of the enhanced-curcumin in COVID-infected cells and in COVID-infected mice over the next several weeks.

Moon + Mercury, the maker of OrangeDuzt™, creates innovative plant-based remedies supported by scientific research, with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.  The same OrangeDuzt™ curcumin-whey complex currently being researched is available in capsules at Orangeduzt.com.  Users report relief from pain and inflammation from headaches, joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps and arthritis, among others.      

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