is patented,

OrangeDuzt™ curcumin-whey complex represents an entirely different approach to curcumin absorption — by binding the molecules together, the whey protein serves as a transport scaffold, carrying the curcumin directly into cells.

Curcumin is the biologically active compound in turmeric and helps support a healthy inflammation response in the body. Our high-absorption formula is powered by whey protein and starts working in less than 20 minutes so you feel better faster.

In a survey of patients using the enhanced curcumin found in OrangeDuzt™, 70% reported significant anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits within a week, and 50% of those reported significant benefits within 24 hours.

Made in the USA. No Fillers, Nothing Artificial, BioPerine® free.

You had me at “pain relief.”
Moon + Mercury Morning Star Blend for Focus, Clarity and Energy with Full Spectrum Hemp and CBD herbal supplement capsules

Morning Star™
is your morning,

This unique blend is artfully designed to make mornings your favorite time of day.  Potent, stimulating plant extracts promote sustained energy while keeping you relaxed and in flow.

We combined Green Tea Leaf, our patented OrangeDuzt™, Rhodiola Rosea, Boswellia and Full-Spectrum Hemp extracts to encourage optimal focus, clarity, balanced energy levels, and even help boost your mood – all while naturally soothing inflammation and morning joint pain.

Made in the USA. No Fillers, Nothing Artificial.

You had me at “make mornings my favorite time of day.”


We monitor and document our crops from field to bottle. We know exactly where the turmeric in our patented OrangeDuzt™ formula was grown. We know exactly when the full-spectrum hemp in our Morning Star™ supplement was harvested. We source only crops that meet our extremely high standards for purity and potency. After years of research, we’ve learned the happiest, healthiest plants make the most effective medicine.

Science Based

Science Based

Our patented turmeric formula, OrangeDuzt™, utilizes a proprietary protein scaffold to enable the absorption of curcumin molecules into cells. Our curcumin formula is nearly fully absorbed by the human body – an absorption rate MANY times higher than any other formulation on the market. Our whole-plant process means that every herb in our supplements contains every beneficial element available (all the terpenes, antioxidants, bioflavanoids, essential vitamins, and proteins), to maximize the entourage effect and deliver real results you can feel.

Made in USA

Made in USA

Everything is made in our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Facility here in the U.S.A. Good Manufacturing Practice protocols mean that everything we make adheres to the strictest standards for manufacturing cleanliness, safety, and consistency. Our products are guaranteed fresh, effective, and safe. What you see on the ingredients label is what you get, at the highest quality that nature provides.

Our mission:
your healing

At Moon + Mercury, we think plants have a higher purpose like healing animals like us.

When it comes to maximizing human wellness, we believe the stuff in the ground is just as effective as the stuff in the lab, especially when it’s delivered in a form the body can readily access.

Who We Are

It's not
rocket science,
it's botany

Plants live by one rule: adapt or die. So we’ve harnessed their evolutionary healing properties to work for you. And plant-based means you don’t need to worry about the side-effects traditionally associated with using synthetic drugs. Our patented processes ensure your body obtains the plant’s powerful medicinal agents – fast.

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