is UltraBioavailable

OrangeDuzt™ represents a breakthrough in curcumin absorption – we use all natural liposomes derived from palm and sunflower oil to carry curcumin directly into cells.

Curcumin is the biologically active compound in turmeric and helps support a healthy inflammation response in the body.

Manufactured in the USA, No fillers, Nothing Artificial, BioPerine® Free.

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Morning Star™
is your morning,

This unique blend is artfully designed to make mornings your favorite time of day.  Potent, stimulating plant extracts promote sustained energy while keeping you relaxed and in flow.

We combined Green Tea Leaf, our patented OrangeDuzt™, Rhodiola Rosea, Boswellia and Full-Spectrum Hemp extracts to encourage optimal focus, clarity, balanced energy levels, and even help boost your mood – all while naturally soothing inflammation and morning joint pain.

Made in the USA. No Fillers, Nothing Artificial.

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We document our crops from field to bottle and only source from farms that meet our purity and ethical standards.

Science Based

Science Based

Our high-absorption, full-spectrum formulas are designed for maximum effectiveness.

Made in USA

Made in USA

All products are made in the United States using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols.

Our mission:
your healing

At Moon + Mercury, we think plants have a higher purpose like healing animals like us.

When it comes to maximizing human wellness, we believe the stuff in the ground is just as effective as the stuff in the lab, especially when it’s delivered in a form the body can readily access.

Who We Are

It's not
rocket science,
it's botany

Plants live by one rule: adapt or die. So we’ve harnessed their evolutionary healing properties to work for you. And plant-based means you don’t need to worry about the side-effects traditionally associated with using synthetic drugs. Our patented processes ensure your body obtains the plant’s powerful medicinal agents – fast.

Our Science