Plant-based medicine. Holistic-minded philosophy.

Plants. People. Weevils. We’re all part of the same big blue spaceship called Earth where every living thing has a role to play.

Moon + Mercury is no different. We started this company to help people feel better, plain and simple. And to do it by taking advantage of the best healing compounds the planet has to offer—the ones plants have been perfecting for a millennia.

But we know we can’t help people if our products aren’t effective. So we’ve scrutinized them. A lot. We’ve done the research and testing necessary so they not only meet incredibly high standards for quality, they actually help treat the problems people need help with most. And they do it as fast as naturally possible.

So we hope you’ll make some room in your medicine cabinet for Moon + Mercury. And the next time you’re feeling like you could use a little help living healthier or feeling better, we’ll be ready.